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April 19, 1775: The Shot Heard Round the World
Another "Shot Heard Round the World"
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Just as April 19, 1775, was not to be the only famous April 19 in American history, the Shot Heard Round the World from that morning was not to be the only famous shot.
I bet you never knew Emerson was a Giants fan, did you?  Why else would he describe Bobby Thomson's 1951 pennant-winning home run as "The Shot Heard Round the World"?  Don't believe it?  Well, neither did Russ Hodges.
"The Giants win the pennant!"
"The game of ball is glorious." Oh, wait, that was Whitman.

(Emerson: Justin Cober and 1951 Giants Ballcap:  Cooperstown Ball Cap Company.  Both images used without permission.  I know nothing about Mr. Cober, but I highly recommend the Cooperstown Ball Cap Company's products.  I own five of their caps and have given two away as gifts.)