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April 19, 1775: The Shot Heard Round the World
Artifacts of the Day
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Here you will find a list of artifacts from April 19, 1775, which are currently on display at various museums, libraries and historic homes in the Middlesex County area.  It is by no means an exhaustive list, but it will grow as I discover the locations of additional objects.

Acton Memorial Library, Acton (Courtesy of Bob Foley, Acton 1775 Minutemen):

  • Isaac Davis' sword and silver shoe buckles
  • James Hayward's powder horn
  • Abner Hosmer's hat band

Bedford Public Library, Bedford:

  • The Bedford Flag

Bullet Hole House, Concord

Concord Museum, Concord:

  • One of the two lanterns hung in the Old North Church as a signal from Paul Revere
  • A model of the North Bridge, a walking stick and a children's toy, all made from wood from the North Bridge
  • Major Buttrick's pistols
  • Amos Barrett's powder horn
  • James Barrett's naval cutlass
  • Two cannonballs probably dumped into the Mill Pond by British soldiers on April 19
  • Sword of a private from the 10th Regiment
  • Fife said to have been played at Lexington Fight

Lexington Historical Society, Lexington:

At Buckman Tavern:

  • Bullet hole in front door

At Hancock-Clarke House:

  • William Diamond's drum
  • Major Pitcairn's pistols

At Munroe Tavern:

  • Bullet hole in taproom ceiling

Minute Man National Historical Park Visitors' Center, Concord:

  • Plank from the North Bridge